hallo, wilkommen, bon giourno, zdrasvouete, welcome...

(haai is the Dutch word for shark)

What is your name?

(foto taken once upon a time in a land far away,
on a mountain far above Narvik and the Pole Circle)

Where do you live?
on a beautifully blue little planet, close to the moon


What is your date of birth?
January 13th, 1960

What is your place of birth?
Sydney, Australia

What nationality are you?
not really that important...
Dutch/Australian, a world citizen perhaps?

Your length...
of what?...
I manage 1.70 metres above the ground,
if that's what you meant ;-)

Your weight...
was 80kg, now down to 73
but still way to much unfortunately...

The colour of your eyes...
blue-green and occasionally red when I'm tired

Shoe size...
41/40... my left foot is slightly larger than my right one

Other vital statistics worth mentioning?
don't be naughty...

graphic designer who learns and relearns things every day

Where are you now?:
on a chair, staring at my monitor...

And what does that look like?:
a bit like this, only different...

What are you wearing right now?
my pyjamas... I got soaked to the skin this evening...

How late is it now?
too late, as usual...

Do you smoke?
not any more... I do smoulder occasionally though...

Do you have any hobbies?
photography, fooling around with my computer, reading,
keeping myself alive and sane,
and even doing both at the same time ;-)...

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
3 younger brothers

Do you have a relationship at the moment?
married, three daughters

Do you have a piercing?
no, and I'm not planning to have one either...

Do you have a tatoo?
no, but I would like one,
perhaps a dragon, a celtic cross
or a tibetan mantra

Where would you like to go on holidays
I always enjoy travelling, often and far away,
but the beach is nice at times...

Who was the nicest person you met during the last year?
one very special one, but that's my secret...
otherwise, no "nicest" person,
but a lot of very nice and interesting people :D

Who had you rather not met this last year?
hmmm... there's one or two people
who aren't exactly my favourites..

Who would you like to meet?
The Dalai Lama

Archbishop Oscar Romero

except that he was murdered in San Salvador during Mass in 1980,
because he had the nerve to try to protect those
who weren't able to protect themselves...

Who do you most admire?
people who think more about others than themselves...

Who do you think is sexy?
aunty jack?

(from left to right: flange desire, aunty jack, thin arthur, narrator neville)

(from left to right: aunty jack, thin arthur, kid eager)

What do you prefer to sleep in?
pyjamas... nice and original, eh?

What's your favourite car?
the first one I ever had, a citroën ami...

Favorite film(s):

edward scissorhands

(one of the most touching lovescenes ever, I think...)

the never ending story

Empress Moonchild: One grain of sand. It is all that remains of my vast empire
Bastian: Fantasia has totally disappeared?
Empress Moonchild: Yes.
Bastian: Then everything has been in vain.
Empress Moonchild: No, it hasn't. Fantasia can arise in you.
In your dreams and wishes Bastian.

Favorite music:
to be honest I'm addicted to anything musical...
metal, new age, mediaeval madrigals, indian raga's
folk music from any and every culture,
house, baroque, reggae, trance
anything at the right time and the right place...

at the moment, listening to
Within Temptation / Mother Earth

otherwise, rammstein is intriguingly different a well...

Favorite city:
maastricht, sydney, brussels... to name just a few
although I prefer the countryside more these days... ;-)

Favorite smell:
anything natural...

Favorite sound:
a gamalan across the kampong on a warm tropical evening
it was an almost magical moment...
and otherwise, the silence before, (and after) a storm...

Favorite TV-serie:
none in particular, if I needed to choose
I'd choose Sesame Street, Fawlty Towers and The Storyteller..

Favorite writer:
I read a lot these days, mostly literature, both Dutch and English/Australian, in the train to and from work each day...

What do you have on your mouse pad?
hmmm... how odd... just a few minutes ago I still had a mouse...

What's hidden under your bed?
I have no idea... time for an archeological expedition I guess...

Favorite colour?
rainbow, with a slight preference for blue...

Favorite song of all time?
Alexander Beetle, sung by Melanie Safka

(melanie, anno 1970...)

Favorite food?
anything international, usually asian
preferably with a lot of garlic :D

Favorite subject at school?
now that's a long time ago...
lets see... biology and history I guess...

Favorite drink?
I'm not fussy, as long as it's got alcohol in it... hehehe...

Favorite number?
-4 and most prime numbers
because they're so wonderfully different

What do you like best about yourself?
my eyes

Which deodorant do you you use?
one which just works, brand unimportant...

What kind of shoes do you prefer:
none really (I prefer to walk barefoot or on socks)
otherwise thongs

What time do you go to bed on weekdays:
hmmm... depends, anywhere between 22.30 and 01.30...

Which word or phrase do you use most:
don't take yourself too seriously... nobody else does either...
oh, give up...
you WHAT?

The most romantic moment ever:
looking into the eyes of the love of my life,
for a very long time...

The most embarrassing moment of your life:
it wasn't much fun, honestly...

Indoor or outdoor person:
preferably as outdoor as possible...

What do you usually do in the weekend?:
a short sleep-in, swimming, drinking myself blind
breathing and acting as if nothings a problem
visiting friends, chatting, photography
fooling around with my computer and sailing occasionally

(the duyfken, on which I conducted guided tours in 2002)

Which subject didn't you like particularly at school:
sport/PE and physics...

Your breakfast:
porridge and occasionally nothing when I'm not in the mood...

What don't you like eating:
chairlegs and other people

one ex-cat, two hamsters, two goldfish
I used to have an Albert (a pet block of wood)
who unfortunately was lost during one of many removals...

Laughing or dreaming:
please, both...

Serious or funny:
a bit too serious by nature but I'm learning to laugh at myself...
I enjoy wordplay games and rhymes, both in dutch and in english..

Fast or slow:
depends... at moments blazingly fast
and occasionally excruciatingly slow...

Single or relationship:

Easy or difficult:
it's easy to make things difficult
and usually difficult to make things easier...

(the art of making easy things difficult
and getting oneself wrapped up in details)

Cremated or buried:

Sex or alcohol:
depends on where, when, how much and with whom... ;-)

Stay up late or going early to bed:
what about staying up late in bed...

Light or dark?:

Speaking or listening:

Big or small men/women:
smaller women, perferably armed with glasses
and a sense of humour

de volkskrant (with supplement please)

Kiss or cuddle:
either... as long as it's sincere...

Happy or sad:
prefer to be happy...

Life or death:
not sure of the difference these days

Left or right:
hmmm... I write right but mouse left
throw things right but tie knots left
live in a right-wing society but vote left
never have any idea of what east or west is
and all too often lose my way in the labyrinth
of daily life...
(can anybody tell me where the exit is...)

Brunette or blond:
no preference...

What would you ask "God" if you had the chance:
who am I?

Do you believe in reincarnation:
not much point in believing or not believing
it keeps on happening...

Do extra-terrestrial beings exist:
who cares... I'm having enough trouble
understanding the creatures on this planet...

What would be your last words before you die:
see you later

Do you believe in true love:
"it is better to have loved and lost,
than never to have loved at all..."

How many children do you want:
hmmm... I think threee's enough...

What do dislike most:
narrowmindedness, cheap pointscoring
inability to consider the needs of other people

The best feeling in the world:
loving someone and being totally absorbed...

The worst feeling in the world:
loneliness and confusion,
not knowing your place in the world

What are you most afraid of:


Greyman is the creation of Daniel Rosenberg, an artist with whom I had the honour of working with in 1998-1999...
Greyman came into existence as a parody of all those wonderful do-gooders like Batman and Superman, who wanted to rid the world of evil.
Greyman diligently wages war with all those forces that promote creativity, sex, humour and anything that perhaps might destabilise an ordered and civil society, protecting it from a degeneration into chaos.
Greyman is scared, scared that something might undermine the social fabric of utility, profit, a minutely detailed and organised society based on risk-free and collective behaviour.
Any attempts at individuality are to be stamped out, sanctions to be enforced by a legion of Greyman-clones who have managed to infiltrate corporate life in the western world...

You have been warned.

The Statue of No Liberty
which originally stood at the Rembrandtsplein in Amsterdam
currently outside the ID&T studio in Sloterdijk...


the nothing

G’mork: If you come any closer I will rip you to shreds.

[Atreyu squats down where he's at and looks at the wolf.]

Atreyu: Who are you?
G’mork: I am G'mork. And you, whoever you are, can have the honor of being my last victim.
Atreyu: I will not die easily. I am a warrior.
[G'mork laughs.] Brave warrior, then fight the Nothing.
Atreyu: But I can't ! I can't get beyond the boundaries of Fantasia.

[G'mork laughs and Atreyu grows angry.]

Atreyu: What's so funny about that ?
G’mork: Fantasia has no boundaries.

[A storm grows closer to the city, slowly shaking it to pieces…]
[Rocks fall here and there.]

Atreyu: That's not true. You're lying.
G’mork: Foolish boy. Don't you know anything about Fantasia?
It's the world of human fantasy.
Every part, every creature of it, is a piece of the dreams and hopes of mankind.
Therefore, it has no boundaries.

[There's a crash and more rocks fall.]

Atreyu: But why is Fantasia dying then ?
G’mork: Because people have begun to loose their hope and forget their dreams.
So the Nothing grows stronger.
Atreyu: What is the Nothing ?!
G’mork: It's the emptiness that's left. It's like a despair, destroying this world.
And I have been trying to help it.
Atreyu: But why ?
G’mork: Because people who have no hope are easy to control.
And whoever has control has the power.

[A large crash shakes the ground. Atreyu loses his balance for a moment,
but quickly regains it and turns back to the wolf.
He gives him a cold look then asks him,]

Atreyu: Who are you really ?
G’mork: I am the servant of the power behind the Nothing.
I was sent to kill the only one who could have stopped the Nothing.
I lost him in the Swamps of Sadness. His name was Atreyu.

Do you get emotional sometimes:
yep... I'm human too...

Do you cry during a film:
depends... I don't think I'd do so watching Mr Bean

What would you like to do when you grow up:
to be able to see the world
with the same trust I had as a child

Any good intentions for the future:
learning sign language

What was your first thought this morning:
none... I'm on auto-pilot until about eight-thirty

If you were an animal, which one would you like to be:
an aardvark... preferably not an ant... ;-)

The most beautiful thing in a man/woman:
eyes, voice and openmindedness

Do you miss any questions this list:
yeah, more than enough unfortunately...
"why" is one of them, "why not" another
on the other hand, I've got lots of answers at hand,
I just don't know which questions they belong to...

and if you don't believe me,
I'll just tell you something else, OK?