A momentary lapse of service,
feeling Dazed by my Life...

As you may have noticed by now, this blog has been somewhat erratic in performance during the last month or two (which by now also allows me the gratuitious use of whatever euphemisms I can conjour up, to describe an increasingly incompetent vision on service by my web host...)

I've been patient, feeling frustrated, disconnected and not at all happy with this extra bit of confusion in my life, the one little bit of quietness I could allow myself after the daily hurricane, a place to retreat to and discharge in my own distracted kind of way.

This page is therefore partly meant as a kind of placeholder, an explanation, a limited form of retreat on my part and perhaps a way forward as well until my web host has gotten his/her/its act together, or until I've decided to have my whole domain transferred to a new host (which entails moving some 400Mb of so many facets of my dazed life to somewhere else, something i'm not particularly looking forward to because nobody needs or appreciates transplants...)

Oh... if you're looking for what's left of my blog in the meantime, wander over here.
What I'm doing here is a temporary measure, I will be back, in one form or another... just let me know you're still around in whatever way...

Come back soon, send me an email at a convenient moment
(and sorry for the strange email address, it's an anti-spam measure...)

Keep well, sleep well and be good...