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Daze of our lives...

All sorts of nonsense happens in the course of the day... good, bad, indifferent... whatever. Thoughts spring to mind, shit happens, things work out, but often don't... usually I have no idea of what's going to happen beforehand and perhaps its better that way. Anyway, just a little of what's going on and a way of clearing my mind... Read on at your own risk.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Christmas that was

Christmas is a pretty funny season in some ways. Despite how much I look forward it, I'm usually pretty relieved once it's over. You know, like they say... "too much of a good thing" and now, after a couple of days the household tensions are rising again. The girls have two weeks of school holidays and even now are starting to get a little bored, as befits the teenager and the aspiring younger sister.

We don't do much about Christmas here, as most of the gift giving in families with children usually occurs at Saint Nicolas (December 5th) although there has been a shift in recent years towards Christmas itself. Personally, I dislike the commercial side of Christmas as I feel it detracts from something significant and even though I'm not all that enthusiastic about the Christian traditions in the way they are presented as such I find Christmas still is a special time to stop, reflect and rethink things that usually are taken for granted in daily life.

For my part I've come to the realisation that we seriously need some councilling... I'm almost at my wits end trying to keep things a bit calm at moments. There's a lot of issues going on at the moment... children at difficult ages, a partner who isn't coping, financial difficulties and myself trying to find my way back from the margins of my own life, back to a semblance of normality (whatever that might be).

Yet, despite all the nonsense of the last couple of days, I'm still reasonably optimistic somehow. I've managed to calm the chaos in my perceptions and seem to be able to oversee life better than has been the case the last few months.

The question is, though... what am I going to do about it?


Liesl said...

Take things one at a time... It'll be solved so much quicker than when you try too much at the same time...

I'm glad the holiday here doesn't mean that my sister bothers me all day long ;)

27 December, 2005 09:45  
Hasan Mubarak said...

It's life Bart. Hard times do come and it's always good to be optimistic... Keep trying and soon everything's gonna be fine.

27 December, 2005 10:04  
Milamber said...

I think the only way to deal with life at times is to stay optimistic. If you don't you'll drive yourself mad. Take life as it comes, one step at a time, and try to remain calm. It doesn't do anyone any good if you freak out... I know it's easier said than done.

27 December, 2005 11:58  
cmhl said...

yay for you--- for being optimistic!! that makes me feel good.

maybe it is time to formulate a plan, and then work the plan..

27 December, 2005 13:17  
me said...

No advice. You seem to have the bull by the horns. Might be a lot of work ahead, but this is a better place to be in than getting trampled - you have control.
Big Up to you

27 December, 2005 18:14  
Dak-Ind said...

christmas for us isnt about a christian tradition, nor really a materialistic frenzy (we give only gifts that we can afford) for us it is about the family adn friends and time together to reminsice on the year and remind each other how much we care. for us its about love, its about hope, its about togetherness.

are we blasphemous? yeah, probably.
are we happy? yes.

so my only advice... remember the reasons you care about one another be it spouse, significant other, child, parent, friend, whatever, and go from there.

28 December, 2005 01:47  
allysther said...

I hope the next year brings you joy.

30 December, 2005 01:07  

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