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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sunday morning, too early

A couple of years ago, I made a year book for Lynn for her and her class on the occasion of their leaving primary school. A kind of overview, with all the class photos that could be found, lots of photos of various activities and just a nice way of giving the kids something to remember their primary school days by.

The project went well, and I've been asked to make another, for Amy and her class which she moved along with in the course of the last 9 years.

Amy's kindergarten class


More or less the same group, years later


You see them grow up, the little terrors become little people ;-), the changes come thick and fast and the more that happens, the more I can be proud of this lot. I'm glad I'm able to do something like this for them, from what I've understood, Lynn's edition was a great success in 2002

Here's me, on Sunday morning before 7 a.m., (I must be mad, or badly masochistic) working on the next stage of the book... scanning all the material that's been supplied. I've already done some preliminary layouting in the last few days, but now the real stuff starts.



I've got a presentation this week, so need to get my act together and layout what I've got. Still waiting for a lot of photos though, hope they'll come soon so I can get this job well and truly started.

Just need to get rid of this cold though, would make life a little easier in the meantime...


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