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All sorts of nonsense happens in the course of the day... good, bad, indifferent... whatever. Thoughts spring to mind, shit happens, things work out, but often don't... usually I have no idea of what's going to happen beforehand and perhaps its better that way. Anyway, just a little of what's going on and a way of clearing my mind... Read on at your own risk.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Seized up

Damn, I'm feeling cynical today and don't even know why... somethings bothering me and I can't pinpoint what's going on in that stupid head of mine. I can't even f*ing concentrate and it's irritating me no end. Time for a cheap shot to cheer me up...



Lori said...

ROFL I love that comic! Can I snag it?

29 June, 2005 16:40  
KEF said...

Love, are you going through that viscious cycle again?

30 June, 2005 05:46  
Milamber said...

:) Nice comic.

30 June, 2005 14:53  

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