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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Confusion Central

Hmmm... just going to feed my somewhat unhealthy obsession with trains, stations, travelling and photography in general :D


Yesterday a train carrying 1900 tons of metal and stones derailed just outside of Amsterdam Central Station. Of course, on our side of it, so that no trains were able to get in or out for most of the night and only very infrequently this morning.


Seeing as I couldn't get to work on time anyway, I made thankful misuse of the situation to make some pictures, have a look around and do a little experimenting, with varying success.

These were the best ones, will have to try and figure out how I can get the camera more stabilised and get rid of the blurring in low light situations.


So you wait, and fill your time as constructively as possible. Some reading their newspapers for the third time, others adjusting their make-up and other just staring blankly into thin air and wondering how to amuse themselves before they start grumbling about the lack of service etc...


... or just keep staring at the information boards themselves and hope that things might, just might change in about three seconds (or five, or twenty)...

It certainly was an interesting start to the day, albeit with having to take all sorts of detours to get here, but who cares!
I don't :D


ThoughtsGalore said...

So, did your evening have just as interesting an end to it? I hope so.

07 June, 2005 17:23  

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