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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Life, the Universe and Everything

In the beginning, the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and is widely regarded as a bad move.
- Douglas Adams, 1952-2001 -

A biography

The universe is large, so breathtakingly large, a fact that probably hasn’t escaped anybody except the most vegetative. That the universe is so impersonally incomprehensible and at moments so totally absurd that it defies understanding. Which doesn't mean you can't try. One man did, and died trying... almost literally.

On May 11th, 2001, Douglas Noel Adams died of a heart attack. Nothing particularly unusual, it happens all the time, and often to the best of people. But Douglas Adams was special... for me at least and from what I've understood for a lot of other people as well.

Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws.
- Douglas Adams -

Douglas Adams, world-class procrastinator, visionary, brilliant wit and above all just a thoroughly likeable person according to those in a position to know.

He once said that his most important credentials were that he was the original DNA, long before Watson and Crick managed to reduce all perceptions of life on the planet to a combination of several organic compounds. I secretly suspect that a lot of his literary, social and philosophical skills were an unconscious attempt at white-anting a reductionist mind-set in western society. Just my take, incidentally, but one I intuitively feel comfortable with.

Today, 2001... he passed on to the Great Restaurant at the End of the Universe, and beyond. It was also the same day, after having procrastinated for god knows how long, I finally got to taking a look at his website and get to know the author I’d admired and appreciated for many years.

Douglas, posing with the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything...unfortunately, nobody had a clue of what the question was in the first place.

I have no idea if the two events were related, but one does get to wondering occasionally. A strange coincidence or just the universe taking me for a sucker yet again?

Opinions are still up in the air on this one...

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is to be released as a film, 27 years since the radio play was released, more than two decades after the first book was published, after protracted and acrimonious negotiations and waiting for Hollywood to get the creative techniques in place. A fitting tribute to a man whose creative qualities never managed to hit the mainstream literature but created a furore in certain circles.

I think the man said “Don’t Panic”...

The story that is so outrageously funny almost instantly became a cult hit and has remained so in the intervening years. The original book eventually evolved into a trilogy in five parts and have been acclaimed as both visionary and iconoclastic, pre-empting many technological advances made in the intervening time and just poking fun at a technological society so full of itself that there was no room for a bit of silliness along the way.

Who in their right mind could come up with a character like Marvin the Paranoid Android A fan-site for Marvin

Followed well by the Starship Titanic. At the center of the galaxy, a vast, unknown civilization is preparing for an event of epic proportions: the launching of the greatest, most gorgeous, most technologically advanced Starship ever built-the Starship Titanic.

Starship Titanic went on to become a science-fiction adventure set aboard a colossal spaceship (which is named after a fairly well-known cruise ship from the planet Earth). It seems that something has gone horribly wrong aboard the Starship Titanic - a fact that becomes evident as the vessel slams into the cozy confines of your living room. Now, at the request of the ship's robotic crew, you must go aboard, figure out what went wrong, and fix it. A CD-ROM game for all ages...

The Official Site for the Starship Titanic Novel, now online.

Originally released as a collaborative effort with Terry Jones (of Monty Python fame)

While the galaxy's media looks on the following morning, hugely, magnificently, the fabulous ship eases away from the construction dock, picks up speed, sways a little, wobbles a bit, veers wildly and just before it can do untold damage to everything around it, appears to undergo SMEF (Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure). In just ten seconds, the whole stupendous enterprise is over. And our story has just begun ...

(part of a press release...)

Douglas, you are badly missed... your insight and your humour, your compassion and total empathy with the human condition will keep your memory alive. I still think his most important message of all is...

Or in other words, "don't take yourself too seriously, nobody else does either".


ThoughtsGalore said...

I am a reader and let me say...I've never read any of his books. The movie came out here a few weeks away and it was a hit. I know nothing about it, but my girlfriend took her son and said he loved it. She's a reader, too but said it was her husband's type of book. LOL...that told me quite a bit. Maybe I'll pick it up and see what it's all about.

Hunny could you not get so intellectual on me so early while I'm having coffee. LOL...how about something light and simple. You make my brain work so early. I've got The Wiggles in the background and somehow it seems to be taking some of the brain cells a longer to get with it this morning.

I hope it's a good one for you today...C

13 May, 2005 16:40  
Nienna, Lady of Sorrows said...

Great piece :)Thanks for all the info.

- an Elf

13 May, 2005 21:16  
panthergirl said...

Thanks for that!! We LOVED the film and are about to listen to the book and some of the BBC broadcasts. My daughter has read everything, but my son has not (yet) so we're going to do the audio thing.

Thanks for stopping by to comment...sorry I haven't been by lately...lots going on outside the blogosphere...sometimes it's hard to keep up!

15 May, 2005 01:38  

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