The Labyrinth

The One who passes the gates of the Labyrinth and ventures into the darkness is not the Same One who returns, for in the Labyrinth reality becomes an illusion and preconceptions become nightmares, leaving the traveller to unravel the codes by themselves and discover alone the insights needed to continue the journey towards Hades and towards Heaven.

By travelling, the soul is recreated, returning renewed to progress on the quest of a lifetime, through the worlds of the living and the dead in search of truth and meaning... realising in the end that perhaps the only thing that really mattered was the one little detail overlooked...

By keeping eyes and ears open, cherishing a heart that can feel the needs of others and accepting the fact that nothing is what it seems... only then can we defeat the Minotaur that resides within ourselves.

Last updated: January 19th, 2011

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