Aboriginal and European Encounter in the Canberra Region:
a question of change and the archaeological record

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Chapter 5 
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There are many people I wish to thank for their contributions to this thesis. I am particularly grateful to Helen Cooke, Ian Farrington, Isabel McBryde and Mike Smith for their valuable advice and guidance. I would also like to thank Chris Carter, Scott Ellis, Edwin Gardiner, James Hall, David Leigh, Anne-Louise Muir and Mike Tracey for assisting in the field; and Phil Boot, Steve Free, Ken Heffernan, Damien James, Ann Jackson-Nakano, Tom Knight and Rob Paton for their helpful comments and encouragement.

Finally I would like to thank the staff of the Ngunnawal Land Council, the ACT Heritage Unit, the Archive Office of NSW, the Mitchell Library, the Australian National Library, the National Museum of Australia, and the Canberra and District Historical Society.

The research for this dissertation is my own work except where otherwise acknowledged.